Catalogue of books from Efron

Search books and other publications by title, author, ISBN, publisher and year of release, as well as with context-sensitive search for annotations. You can  compare the cost of books, buy or download books online.

Book search is conducted directly in the catalog "EfronBooks" and is therefore more accurate and convenient. If you know at least one of the parameters: the book title, author, publisher, ISBN, you should definitely use this kind of search.

Quick search for books and other publications - is an intelligent search and is carried out through all the item cards that obtain the title, author, ISBN, publisher and year of release; at the same time we offer context-sensitive search for annotations. For example, you can specify the name of the author and the "audiobook" word and the search will include only those audiobooks that writer has published.

The most comprehensive catalog of Russian books and other publications. Catalog updated daily with new revenues from publishers and online booksellers. Monthly up to 10,000 new products books, CD, DVD and audio books appear in the directory.

If the book is sold in a few shops, then there is also an opportunity to compare prices. If the book is not available for sale, you can always contact the publisher, since publishers may have several copies of the books themselves or they can suggest an alternative.

Catalogue EfronBooks enables publishers and authors to self-publish their works into the system. You must register on the site as a "publisher". If your books are not represented in any online store, point in the abstract where one can buy or download your product.

Bookshops can provide their catalogue in XML format and we will post this information on the availability of books and their prices in our catalog. This will help customers to choose the most convenient way to purchase books and attract them to your shop.